Our streamlined manufacturing process ensures exceptional standards and reliability. From sourcing and heat treatment to grinding, automation, assembly, packing, and warehousing, each step is meticulously executed to deliver top-notch bearing solutions. At VCO International, we specialize in providing high-quality fan bearings at competitive prices, catering to diverse geographical markets.

Manufacturing - Sourcing

Adopt self-sourcing for raw materials to guarantee excellent and stable quality

Manufacturing - Heat Treatment

The self-developed software in the head treatment system automatically manages the time and temperature for quenching and tempering. Additionally, the metallographic analysis sample will be preserved.

Manufacturing - Grinding

Grinding and Processing integration, ensures stable and high quality

Manufacturing - Automation

Leveraging cutting-edge automation technology, for consistent quality, higher productivity, and timely delivery.

Manufacturing - Assembly & Checking

Assembling plant uses dust-free management and will check 100% of the end product

Manufacturing - Packing

packaging our bearings to guarantee flawless delivery, preserving their integrity for our valued customers.

Manufacturing - Warehousing

Warehousing facilities to efficiently manage inventory and promptly fulfill customer orders, ensuring seamless supply service and customer satisfaction.